Hanoi has emerged as a fascinating and unconventional tourist destination over the years. People, weary of visiting the clichéd and over crowded places, now prefer Hanoi as a charming city unique in its own beauty and culture. Hanoi with its distinctive French influence, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Visit the West Lake, Water Puppet Theater, Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda and the Fine Arts Museum.


Hanoi Opera House rises magnificently at the end of the Trang Tien Street. Built by the French in 1911 and renovated in the late 1990s, the façade of the building is colonial French with pillars and balconies overlooking the city center. Various performances of art - local, international, traditional, modern are staged at this 900-seat opera house, professionally managed by a solid team of various experts with the Vietnamese symphonies playing quite regularly.


Features of Hanoi Opera House


  -   Hanoi Opera House is situated near the Red River and several hundreds meters east of Hoan Kiem Lake. 
  -   Since its establishment, the Hanoi Opera House is the largest theatre in Vietnam. Its construction started in 1901 and was completed in 1911. 
  -   Previously the site was a big pond, adjacent to the city gate of Tay Long of the ancient Thang Long capital.
  -   It is an old theatre with distinctive French architecture and typical Gothic and Mosaic characters evident on the door domes and the glassed room. 
  -   Hanoi Opera House features the same architectural style as the Opera House in Paris. 
  -   Some foreign architects are of the opinion that as it was built nearly 300 years after the Paris Opera House, Hanoi Opera House avoids superfluous architectural details which make it more elegant.
  -   For a long time, the Hanoi Opera House has been the most favorite haunting place for those who love theatrical performance, traditional songs, music, symphonies, opera and classical opera. 
  -   In 1997, the theatre was renovated under the skillful management of two Vietnamese French architects, Ho Thieu Tri and Hoang Phuc Sinh. 
  -   The original 3-storey architecture remains while the ornamental patterns on the ceiling, arches, walls and doors were renewed. 
  -   The 3-meter-high stage and the audience's hall, with 600 seats, were also modernized keeping in mind international standards. 
  -   The interior is designed in such a way to meet high requirements, artistically as well as technically to stage refined qualities of various arts like folk music and songs, ballets and piano to classical opera, reformed opera, Vietnamese operetta and drama.
  -   Hanoi Opera House has also successfully organized several large-scale international concerts with the latest being a program of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra playing the Ninth Symphony by Beethoven. 

Fast Facts about Hanoi Opera House


Address Pho Trang Theo
August Revolution Square

Phone +84 4 3825 4312


Hours 5p.m. to midnight on Friday to Sunday





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