Apart from the geographical demarcations, a country is known through its history. It can be read from the pages of a book or can be viewed in personal by visiting the relics and monuments. The objects of the past are like puzzles which when put together make a complete whole and the best place to preserve them are the Museums. The museums with their collection pertaining to aesthetic, scientific and historical importance are like time machines in which you can travel through time.


Museums are a great store house of information and fulfill the purposes of public teaching and gathering knowledge. The exhibits have a history attached to them and are immensely beneficial to every individual of the country as well as to the society as a whole.


Almost all the countries have their share of museums which are important parts of national heritage and Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is dotted with some exclusive Museums. The Museums are classified under various heads. There are historical museums and military museums. Some are special and some are specific dedications to a certain community or class. The Museums in Hanoi are the sources of past conquests, political and social backgrounds that the country has experienced in the by gone years. The inventions of the people, the relics of the Chinese and French influence, mementos of military conquests, are all preserved with utmost care in the many Museums located all over the city.


The Museums in Hanoi are an integral part of the social picture of Hanoi. They form the national and local identity of Hanoi and have enriched the local culture by preserving the changes in the history of civilization of the country. To the common folk they are symbols of national treasure and a place they can visit to learn. The Museums are the source of reference for making detailed study and research about the country for researchers.


The Hanoi Museums are also the conserver of the art culture of Vietnam. The various Museums house different kinds of Cham artifacts along with some interesting statues. The hand made works belonging to the ethnic groups of Vietnam are proud exhibits at these age old museums.




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