Hanoi is a city of festivals. There is always a reason to celebrate. And, the people of Hanoi know how to celebrate it to the fullest. Most of the festivals are associated with their religious belief and faith. Some festivals are held to usher in the new year or the new season marking the beginning or end of their harvesting time while, some festivals are more like events upholding the traditional and cultural richness of the land and celebrating a past which is glorious with the toil of its people. What is more fascinating is the narrative of the beautiful legends associated with the origin of these festivals. The festivals and events are calendared according to Lunar month. Normally, a lunar month stays longer than the western month of around 30 days.


Festivals and events are that time of the year when people indulge in several activities of amusement and entertainment. People exchange gifts and family members reunite and participate in the austerities and enjoyments. People donning their best attires throng the streets and the shops which are colorfully decorated with lights and festoons. But, apart from the merrymaking, there is more to these festivals and events. This is also the time to acknowledge the admiration and the gratitude of the people towards the powers of the Heaven and the Earth and remembering the ancestors, seeking for their blessings and paying homage to them.


Hanoi festivals and events can be a beautiful occasion to visit the beautiful country of Vietnam and its charming capital city Hanoi. This can be a chance to experience the land, its people and their culture and customs in all its glory. So, don’t let this golden opportunity go out of your hand. Come to Hanoi and discover the best of this land as you explore its festivals and events.


There are legions of festivals celebrated across the country. Among them, the major ones are listed below according to their appearance in the calendar.

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