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  • Halong Bay - The land of Dragons 01-01-1970

    The end of the Vietnam war, and the advent of "Doi moi", Vietnam's policy of opening its economy to foreign trade, means that Westerners and South Vietnamese now have a chance to visit Ha long. Vinh Ha Long or Bay of the Descending Dragon is often touted by proud Vietnamese as the world's Eighth wonder. One of the main attractions of Ha long is the bay's calm water and the thousands of limestone mountains dotting the seascape. The Bay's water is clear during the spring and early summer. Some of the islands are quite large and there are small alcoves with sandy beaches where swimming is possible. Ha Long bay lies in the northeastern part of Vietnam and is 165 Km from Hanoi. 

    Halong Bay - The land of Dragons

Keyword: halong-bay---the-land-of-dragons Keyword: halong-bay---the-land-of-dragons
Keywords: Keyword: halong-bay---the-land-of-dragons
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